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The Giving Tree

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Every year, instead of an office ‘Secret Santa’, the team at Protel support a local charity initiative. This is called ‘The Giving Tree’.

This initiative is all about providing Christmas gifts to local children, whose families are desperately struggling, both financially and emotionally, at this time of year.

Today, the staff at Protel will be delivering our wrapped gifts. These will then be sorted by organisers of ‘The Giving Tree’, and distributed to the families most in need, in time for Christmas Day.

This is a fantastic idea and we are sure it will make a huge difference to many local children this Christmas. There are initiatives such as this all over the UK, and we would strongly encourage you to think about forsaking your own office ‘Secret Santa’, and instead getting behind a worthy cause like this.

You can make someone’s Christmas very special indeed!



gifts for the giving tree