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‘Kiss and Fly’ Transport Study (CAPI/CAWI)

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Protel Fieldwork were commissioned to undertake an important study at one of the largest airports in the UK, to help understand the decisions passengers make when choosing their mode of transport to travel to and from the airport.

Two different approaches were undertaken to ensure a good spread of passengers were targeted, as follows:

Face to face surveys

Passengers were approached in departure lounges and asked to conduct a 20-minute stated preference questionnaire. The questionnaire was interviewer led and conducted on CAPI devices.

In total 200 surveys were completed, with quotas set by age, gender, flight destination and flight purpose.

Recruitment for Online

In addition to the face to face surveys, passengers and people waiting to pick up friends and family were approached in arrivals halls, to conduct a short recruitment survey and agree to be subsequently sent a link to undertake the 20-minute stated preference survey online.

All recruitment surveys were completed on CAPI devices, with quotas set by age, gender, flight destination, purpose and mode of transport for arriving/departing the airport.

Protel recruited 1460 passengers and drivers on site, of which 602 completed the main 20-minute survey.

For all elements of the fieldwork, Protel worked with the end client to arrange all necessary permissions and ID checks, to allow interviewers to work airside and in arrivals halls.

Fieldwork shifts took place Monday – Sunday from 5am through to 11.45pm to ensure all passenger types were targeted.